Buyer’s Guide to Accounting Software

Here’s an article that will help new buyer’s consider some important factors when purchasing a new accounting software program.


InnQuest Software’s roomMaster: A Property Management Solution for Hotel and Motel Operators

InnQuest Software’s roomMaster is a property management solution for hotel and motel operators. Innquest Software has a comprehensive suite of integrated services for property management, which includes basic features that integrate with QuickBooks for small business owners who operate lodging facilities. You can learn more about roomMaster by reading the article InnQuest Software: Hotel and Motel Software.

Checklist for Fund Accounting Software Buyers

Many nonprofits, churches, and governmental organizations will need to purchase a fund accounting software application to meet their unique accounting and financial reporting needs. The following checklist may not be an all-inclusive guide, but may be useful in getting a buyer to assess some basic needs to make sure these needs are met. You can find the checklist in the article Fund Accounting Software Checklist.