Lost Accounting Data: The Impact of Not Having Back Up Process

Data losses impact 4.7 million users according to research. To avoid becoming a statistic, you’ll want to have a plan to back up the accounting data for your small business.


6 Ways to Back Up Accounting Records

You’ve got plenty of choices of how to back up your accounting data, so I’ve assembled a list of the 6 most common methods small business owners use to back up there accounting data. Some methods are easy to set up so that automatic backups can be performed regularly while others are most cost effective. Whatever method you chose, just remember to back up your data — it’s too important to lose. 

Data Loss Impacts 4.7 Million Business Owners Costing Over $18.2 Billion

Most business owners don’t recognize the likelihood incurring a data loss and the costs associated with this problem. According to research by David M. Smith, PhD, data losses impacted more than 4.7 million business owners resulted in additional costs of $18.2 billion – that is an average of $3,800 per incident (research report). You can avoid becoming a statistic by implementing data loss prevention steps

How to Avoid Costly Accounting Software Mistakes

I’ve got expert advice and lessons learned from small business owners who’ve made mistakes with their accounting software in the article 4 Costly Accounting Software MistakesIn the article, you’ll learn why you should upgrade your accounting software periodically, the benefits of training employees on how to use your accounting software, and other useful tips and suggestions from small business owners.