Brand Your Business with QuickBooks Customized Invoices

QuickBooks 2011 makes branding your company possible with customized invoices. In 9 steps, you can have fonts, color scheme, and your logo on your invoice so that it’s consistent with your company. You can read the full article “How to Customize an Invoice in QuickBooks 2011” to learn how to begin branding your business with each invoice you send to your customers. There’s also some good resources available on YouTube, which I’ve included here in this post.


Is QuickBooks Online a Good Choice for My Small Business?

QuickBooks Online is web-based, on-demand accounting program developed by Intuit. The online version has its advantages in that it’s easy to learn and can be accessed from anywhere where you have an internet connection. However, QuickBooks Online is not well suited for all small businesses. You can learn more about QuickBooks online and find out if it’s good for your business by reading the full article QuickBooks Online 2012: A Good Choice for Service-Based Small Business?

7 Android Apps for Small Business Mobile Payroll Processing

If you use an Android mobile phone, you can download payroll apps for Android straight to your mobile device. Android payroll apps are a low-cost alternative tooutsourcing your payroll or investing in the hardware and payroll software for the do-it-yourself types. Mobile payroll apps are not suited for every small business, so make sure you choose between payroll services based on your businesses’ needs. You can learn more about learn more about the payroll apps in the articleAndriod Small Business Payroll Apps.

8 Accounting Software Articles on (June 2012)

I’ve written 8 new articles on accounting software for in June 2012.

I welcome any comments or suggestions, and if you’ve got a topic you’d like to see covered, let me know.

4 Software Programs for Small Law Firms to Track Time

It’s really pretty easy to choose a time and billing software for your small law firm’s practice, but choosing the right one can be a little more difficult. There are pros and cons to each time and billing software, so you’ll have to think about what feature’s your firm really needs, how much you’re willing to spend, how you’d like to access your firm’s software programs, and other tips for selecting any accounting software.

Here’s a look at some of the leading edge time and billing software available for small law firms.

2011 QuickBooks Accounting Software Versions

QuickBooks is the most popular small business accounting software on the market, but there’s not just one QuickBooks accounting software program. QuickBooks comes in different editions, with each edition having different features and functionality. I’ll be providing an overview if each edition and going into a more in-depth review of each edition to look at the installation, ease of use, basic and advanced features, system requirements, and more.

Here’s a list of the editions covered, with links to the blogs, overviews, and reviews.