Inventory Management Software that Integrates with QuickBooks: A Few Choices

Retailers, wholesalers, and distributors that have inventory management needs usually find that QuickBooks does not offer the capabilities needed for effective accounting and tracking of their inventory. Therefore, many 3rd party developers have made software add-ons that integrate with QuickBooks to meet their inventory management needs. The following article highlights a few of these inventory management software options — What Inventory Management Software Integrates with QuickBooks?


Kashoo Accounting Program: A Review of Basic Features

Kashoo Accounting is a cloud accounting software application for small businesses and freelancers. Unlike other accounting apps out there, Kashoo is more of a full-fledged accounting program that can do everything from bank reconciliations, send invoices, process payments, track expenses, and cut checks. What’s Kashoo Accounting is an article where you can learn more about this accounting program.