QuickBooks Online 2011 Editions

Did you know that there’s an online QuickBooks edition? Yes, it’s true — QuickBooks comes in a web-based format that you can access from any PC or other mobile device that can pick up an internet connect. Review of QuickBooks Online 2011 is available on About.com, covering the installations, features, ease of use, and other topics related to the Online edition.  


Accounting Software Instructional Books

You’ll usually be able to find help and tutorials for the accounting software somewhere on the web. But sometimes it’s just easier to do things the old fashioned way — I just go to your bookshelf and grab a book of the shelf. You can read over the article 10 Accounting Software Instructional Books to find instructional books on a variety of accounting software programs, including Peachtree, QuickBooks, SAP, and others. 


2011 QuickBooks Editions Review Series: QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale

If you’re familiar with QuickBooks products, then you may know that QuickBooks even comes in industry-specific editions. QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale edition is designed for small businesses in those industries. If you’ve got a manufacturing and wholesaling company, you’ll wan to read the Review of QuickBooks Premier: Manufacturing and Wholesale 2011 before you go out and purchase an accounting software. 

2011 QuickBooks Editions Review Series: QuickBooks Professional Services

The Professional Services 2011 edition is designed for small professional services companies, such as law and engineering firms. The Professional Service edition is set up to help companies that have billable rates based on employee, client, or service. You can learn more about the installation, features, ease of use, and help and support available in the Review of QuickBooks Premier: Professional Services 2011